Born in Italy in 1962.
He began to paint at the age of 15 and later naturally he moved to the sculpture.
In 1991, he founded his studio where he realized sculptures in bronze and he melt its himself after chemical studies.
He realize his sculptures with the tecnique of low-wax process, an ancient tecnique dating of the Etruscans and he contrôle all the steps of the creation of his work: drawing, melt and patina.
His bronzes are made with a patina achieved with special chimical treatments fixed by heat, remains unaltered in time and with any kind of climats.
He created his own studio / Foundry surrounded by a team of close collaborators.
During the years , he developed more themes – around a main idea : “the circle of life ” – which are : the couple, the family, the trees ( trees of life ).
He realized a lot of public sculptures and monuments and his works are in many private collections.


Works :