Father and son born in Italy in 1943 and 1971 respectively.
The father started out as a blacksmith and it was his privileged relationship with nature that led him to sculpture.
He developed the art of sculpting trees and plants.
He began to exhibit his work under the encouragement of his painter friend Paolo Vallorz.
Recognition for his work came nationally and internationally and in 1995 he commissioned an olive tree for Bill Gates’ villa in Seattle.
His son works alongside him but creates his own animal world.
From 1996, he exhibited his own works.
From their work, metal – iron – comes to life and each of their sculpture is unique.
They declare themselves to be craftsmen and heirs of an ancestral know-how – the work of beaten iron – They have been exhibiting since in Italy and around the world: Milan – Paris – Los Angeles – Kyoto.


Works :